Experimentation facilities in Sin Le Noble

Dewdrops offers demonstrations of its in-house processes.


The first picture shows our pilot plant with a nominal capacity of 10L/d of oil; performances vary with the exact nature of the waste. Composed of several modules, the pilot plant has already processed a wide range of wastes.


For several different customers, Dewdrops has qualified its mineralization processes for organic wastes like trichloroethylene, perchloroethylene, tributylphosphate and dodecane.



Wood gasification produces wet gases which need to be dried before entering the generator engine. The condensed aqueous effluent contains a high phenol concentration.


Dewdrops designed a compact and automated unit capable of treating these condensates directly on site.


The final effluent is in accordance with the local regulatory standard for sewage, thus does not require any external disposal, leading to a cost reduction of up to 30%.


Soil bioremediation

While honing its biodegradation expertise, Dewdrops has acquired a high level of bioremediation know-how to help its customers complete their soil decontamination projects.


For example, Dewdrops has resolved specific bioremediation issues with soils contaminated with nitronaphtalene.


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