Since the birth of nuclear industry, managing organic radioactive liquid wastes has been an issue. These wastes can be of many kinds, from lubricating and hydraulic oils to various solvents or complex mixtures.


The treatment options are indeed few and limited. The most common alternative is incineration. Its usage is, however, fairly restricted: low radioactivity threshold, numerous unacceptable isotopes, no halogens, no mixtures, and so on... This means many radioactive wastes remain untreated.


Over the last 10 years, Dewdrops has gained experience in the mineralization of organic liquid wastes and developed technologies to fill the gap. Several of those technologies can also provide solutions to a wider range of industrial issues with aqueous effluents containing a fraction of organic pollutants.


These technologies can be broken down into 3 main families:




Wet Oxidation


Advanced Oxidation Processes


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